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Cause and Effect: Can You Make Things Happen?

We recently recorded an episode of Blind Insights about David Graeber’s book, Bullshit Jobs, with returning guest Jessica Freund. If you already know what a Bullshit Job is and are intending to read the book, then definitely skip chapters 3 to 5, as they are unnecessarily repetitive. What Graeber has to say about where Bullshit […]

David Olney Discusses the Future of Warfare on the Finding Genius Podcast

I was pleased to be a returning guest with Richard Jacobs on the Finding Genius Podcast. We discussed the professionalisation of modern militaries, the difference between tactical and strategic ability, the need for cognitive adaptability, the changing nature of war, the difficulty of balancing ethics and effectiveness in combat, and the implications of winning in […]

Overcoming Political Polarisation and Paralysis

When Tim Whiffen and I were invited to be the moderators for the Clean Recovery Forum in Adelaide on 28 January (2021) the significance of the three major themes to be discussed at the event immediately resonated with us: Climate change, systemic unemployment, and rising inequality. If Australia, and the rest of the world, do […]

This is a Test

Hello Everyone. Having a website is exciting. I am getting to work out how I can do all of the things I want to do with my website using screen reading software. Thankfully, I have a very capable and thoughtful technologist (also named David) helping me. From time to time you may see something that […]

Life as a Minimum Viable Product

When I received an e-mail from the Finding Genius Podcast inviting me to be a guest my first thought was: “Excellent, I get to have an informative and (hopefully) entertaining conversation with an interesting person for a new audience.” This buzz lasted about thirty seconds and was followed by a jumble of anxious thoughts: “I’m […]

An Insight Into Blindness

Between my recent episode as a guest on the Finding Genius Podcast, Not so in the Dark, a short episode about my first trip into the Adelaide CBD after lock-down, and our Blind Insights episode on what it is like to be blind, there is nearly two hours of material out there about my experience […]

Welcome To My Website

Hello and welcome to my website. For a number of years I have been doing a lot of things at the same time without a place to put all of the pieces together as part of a cohesive narrative. In any given week I might record two podcasts, teach at University, do some research for […]

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