After podcasting with David Olney 3 times, and being blown away each time by his unique insights, I asked him a fateful question:

‘David, since you’re blind, what other abilities of yours have become heightened?’

David told me that he can assemble information from multiple sources and see the connections quite readily.

I have since hired David to consult with me on business development and crisis management for several months now, and his insights are incredibly useful and actionable.

I daresay David has already helped me avoid an attack that easily could’ve jeopardized and destroyed one of my major projects. David has also provided insights that will lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in added profit over the next year to my businesses.

As I have told David several times: “I want you to talk to and consult with everyone I know!”

David has also consulted with 3 separate team groups in my organizations; literally every person he has spoken to has come away enthused, informed, and changed for the better by his insights.

Whether you run a government agency, a corporation, or you simply want strategic insights on how to improve your thinking and your situation, David can diagnose and help you quickly and powerfully.

He’s a tremendous asset.

Richard Jacobs

President, Speakeasy Marketing Inc.
Host, Finding Genius Podcast
Executive DIrector, Finding Genius Foundation


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