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Mentoring with Me

  David James Olney 29 November, 2023   In late 2013 I was happily engrossed in finding and assimilating fascinating ideas, while I was preparing to teach Complex Problem Solving to undergraduates for the first time. I was focused on finding an argument and/or tool that would convince undergraduate students to believe in their own […]

Why you should consider asking a learner question, before you end the conversation with a suggestion

  David James Olney 30 October, 2023   I just finished listening to the 4th Edition of Marilee Adams outstanding book, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life. The 4th Edition is even more comprehensive, insightful, and engaging to listen to than the 2nd Edition, the core concepts of which I have incorporated into my own […]

See, Believe, Explain, Achieve

  David James Olney 19 October, 2023   I just finished listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. As well as being thoroughly entertaining, because it is full of great stories from his life that Schwarzenegger reads himself, the book is genuinely useful.   In particular, I liked Schwarzenegger’s discussion […]

How to establish an action orientation

David James Olney 9 October, 2023   Establishing an action orientation is relatively simple, but not easy. Converting negative emotion into an impetus for constructive action is difficult until it becomes normal. Immaterial of the effort required to develop a positive action orientation, it is a boon for mental health and practical outcomes.   As […]

Why we all need to develop an action orientation

David James Olney 18 September 2023   “While a growing majority of Australians surveyed by the Red Cross said that they are increasingly concerned about the risk of experiencing natural disasters, like bushfires and floods, only 10% of the people surveyed said that they had taken action to prepare for a natural disaster.”   The […]

Why You Never Start From Zero

David Olney 14 August, 2023   Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, I had noticed that a majority of people I engaged with day to day were becoming progressively more anxious about doing new activities. They would worry more about all of the things that could go wrong, and would procrastinate longer before starting in an […]

Why You Should Provide A Bubble Of Safety And Responsibility For Your People

  David Olney 4 July, 2023   Have you ever hired someone who performed brilliantly during the recruiting process, who looked more excited than nervous on their first day, only to have them leave within six months of starting with you? As they were leaving, did they tell you that they couldn’t settle into the […]

How to Direct Your Anger Before it Damages You, or Someone Else

During episodes of Blind Insights, I have spoken about my experience of consistently feeling angry as a consequence of being blind. I just finished listening to Moshe Ratson’s book, Anger Is Your Compass, and I wish his book had been available thirty years ago. If you regularly deal with feeling angry, I recommend that you […]

For Business Success, Reduce the Cognitive Burden on Your People and Your Customers

David Olney 12 June, 2023 The human brain is an amazing organ, but it has some major limitations, which we need to work with if we want to succeed in business. Most people can hold between 5 and 7 bits of information in their short-term memory for between 15 and thirty seconds. After that, they […]

Discussing history, leadership, heroes, and war with Christian Cameron

David Olney 8 June, 2023 Please join Tim and me as we discuss history, leadership, heroes, and war with author, Christian Cameron, on our latest episode of Blind Insights. Christian grew up beside an active archaeological site, had a career as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy, has been involved in historical re-enactment […]

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