I was pleased to be a returning guest with Richard Jacobs on the Finding Genius Podcast. We discussed the professionalisation of modern militaries, the difference between tactical and strategic ability, the need for cognitive adaptability, the changing nature of war, the difficulty of balancing ethics and effectiveness in combat, and the implications of winning in the battlespace, but not winning the war. At the end of the episode I provide a short reading list for listeners who would like to know more about modern warfare.

Finding Genius Podcast – Counter Terrorism is Out; Cyber Warfare is In: The Future of War in The Current Modern Era and Beyond

findinggeniuspodcast.libsyn.com/counter-terrorism-is-out-cyber-warfa re-is-in-the-future-of-war-in-the-current-modern-era-and-beyond

If you would like a larger reading list, or for me to address particular questions about modern warfare, please fill in the contact form below.

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