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Marginal Losses: An Explanation of Suboptimal Institutional and System Performance

David Olney 29 June, 2022 I first wrote about Marginal Losses for SAGE International Australia in 2017. As the topic is more pertinent today than it was then, I have decided to update and republish my article. This article provides a description and explanation of why we experience (and how we contribute to)suboptimal performance within […]

Winter is coming: the implications of rising food, fuel, and fertilizer prices

David Olney 24 June, 2022 People across the world are becoming progressively more concerned about how they are going to cope with ever increasing food and fuel prices. Unsurprisingly, they are voicing their concerns and expectations that governments should do something right now to reduce cost of living pressures. Also unsurprisingly, governments across the world […]

New articles on my website

David Olney 23 May, 2022 I am pleased to share the new Articles page on my website with you. The Articles page is where I am going to put longer pieces of writing and combined versions of shorter pieces that belong together. I hope you enjoy reading this new content, and I would be […]

The Federal Election was a Victory for Australian Democracy

David Olney 22 May, 2022 It is the afternoon of 22 May, 2022, and it is not yet clear whether Anthony Albanese will lead a majority or minority Labor government here in Australia. However, what is clear today is that yesterday’s election was a victory for Australian democracy. Rather than deciding which of the two […]

If you want to persuade someone: validate them, don’t correct them

David Olney 9 May, 2022 The final aspect of Blair Warren’s book, The One Sentence Persuasion Course, I have chosen to write about is a new insight that he added to the updated version. On top of recommending that the most effective way to persuade people is to encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay […]

Russia is playing Poker, NATO is playing Chess, and China is playing Go. What is winning? Who will win?

Earlier in the week a friend sent me the following line to think about: “Russia is playing Poker, NATO is playing Chess, and China is playing Go. What is winning? Who will win?” When I received his message, I didn’t have time to give it more than a few minutes thought, and when the line […]

How Russian war crimes could help Putin achieve his war aims

Western media coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has moved from showing the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people, to showing the aftermath of Russia’s abhorrent war crimes. It is especially important that people everywhere understand what the war in Ukraine is like, and what is at stake on a local and global level, […]

Fuel, fertilizer, and Food Scarcity: the likely consequences of Putin’s war

One month into Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and the news is still better than most analysts expected it would be. The Ukrainians are fighting valiantly and the Russians appear to be bogged down. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become the highly capable, charismatic, and stoic leader that his country and the world need right now. What […]

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