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What I have learned during my first semester as a Master of Media (Strategic Communication) student

What I can write with confidence, after my first semester of studying Strategic Communication, is that I am glad I decided to enrol in this degree. In February 2020 I knew I loved podcasting, and I knew I wanted to understand why the government communications about the Australian bushfires and looming COVID-19 pandemic were so […]

What do we do in a crisis?

Over the previous week the Australian Federal Government has gone from banning 9,000 Australians from returning from India, because of the COVID-19 situation there, to planning for repatriation flights from India (beginning in mid-May). They have gone from an entirely inappropriate response to a crisis to a barely acceptable response as a consequence of social […]

What do you expect from democracy?

Why so many voters are becoming disillusioned with democracy is an important question that requires a comprehensive and cohesive answer. When I noticed that Anne Applebaum and Ian Bremmer had recorded a conversation about disillusioned voters and contemporary authoritarianism, I was very interested to hear what they had to say. Within their wide-ranging conversation they […]

Why has Australia vaccinated less than 600,000 people in the first month of the COVID-19 vaccination programme?

I just listened to The Signal’s episode on Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination programme. The Australian media has been discussing the slow rate of our rollout for days, and this episode of The Signal was the most concise and cohesive explanation I have heard so far. By the standards of Australian media, The Signal is always thoughtful, […]

A Unique Perspective on Responses to and Consequences of COVID-19 Around the World

Finding Genius Podcast ses-to-and-consequences-of-covid-19-around-the-world/ How have governments around the world differed in their responses to COVID-19? How have various countries been impacted by the lockdowns? Tune in for the answers, and to learn: . How “building citizens to build a nation” has become less practiced in countries around the world, and how this might […]

I Want You to Improve the World

During the final fifteen minutes of the Clean Recovery Forum in Adelaide, the audience and panellists engaged in an important discussion about what citizens in a democracy need to do to get the outcomes society prefers. The classic line from Joseph de Maistre was mentioned, “every nation gets the government it deserves,” and then the […]

Blind Insights – Getting News from Facebook in Australia

On the morning of February 18th 2021, the Australian people woke up to find that no Australian news content can be posted or shared in their Facebook news feeds. Tim and I decided to make a little video about the opportunity this gives everyone to take responsibility for their news intake. Listen and subscribe to […]

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