Life as a Minimum Viable Product

When I received an e-mail from the Finding Genius Podcast inviting me to be a guest my first thought was: “Excellent, I get to have an informative and (hopefully) entertaining conversation with an interesting person for a new audience.” This buzz lasted about thirty seconds and was followed by a jumble of anxious thoughts: “I’m […]

An Insight Into Blindness

Between my recent episode as a guest on the Finding Genius Podcast, Not so in the Dark, a short episode about my first trip into the Adelaide CBD after lock-down, and our Blind Insights episode on what it is like to be blind, there is nearly two hours of material out there about my experience […]

Welcome To My Website

Hello and welcome to my website. For a number of years I have been doing a lot of things at the same time without a place to put all of the pieces together as part of a cohesive narrative. In any given week I might record two podcasts, teach at University, do some research for […]

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