David Olney
8 June, 2023

Please join Tim and me as we discuss history, leadership, heroes, and war with author, Christian Cameron, on our latest episode of Blind Insights. Christian grew up beside an active archaeological site, had a career as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy, has been involved in historical re-enactment for decades, is a serious martial artist, and has written more than forty novels. His novels reflect his experiences and interests, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

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As we covered less than half of the topics we wanted to touch on in this conversation, expect to hear Christian back on Blind Insights later in the year (once I have listened to a few more of his novels).

If you would like to get a sense of why I think Christian’s writing is so enjoyable and important, please have a read of my recent blog post before you listen to our conversation with him.

Leadership Lessons from The Long War


If you have any questions you would like me to ask Christian next time we speak, please send them to me via the below contact form.

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