During episodes of Blind Insights, I have spoken about my experience of consistently feeling angry as a consequence of being blind. I just finished listening to Moshe Ratson’s book, Anger Is Your Compass, and I wish his book had been available thirty years ago. If you regularly deal with feeling angry, I recommend that you listen to/read Moshe’s book and apply his techniques.My experience of regularly being angry began when I finished high school, when I realised that too many aspects of my adult life were going to involve a combination of being angry about the limitations that blindness foist upon me, and having no clear idea of what to do with my life and how to succeed.

I gradually realised that you can’t reason with anger, and that you can’t always make it go away. Over time, I learned that anger is fuel, and that anger can be used in a few different ways: you can either splash it around and throw a lit match (not a good idea), or you can store it in a tank and wait for the tank to explode (also not a good idea), or you can feed it into a machine for high performance-to drive yourself forward to where you want to be. Using anger to fuel high performance has been, by far, the most productive way I have learned to deal with my anger.

Moshe’s book involves and achieves so much more than my rudimentary system. His reflections on compassion and the role of anger are deep and empowering, and I am already trying to put aspects of his book into practice.

I was pleased to interview Moshe for Blind Insights, and I hope our conversation will be insightful and helpful for you. If you are regularly dealing with anger, I hope you get enough out of our conversation to inspire you to read/listen to Anger Is Your Compass. Anger should be seen as a form of motivation to achieve worthwhile things, and Moshe’s ideas are definitely worth your time and effort.

Blind Insights – Anger is your Compass (Special guest Moshe Ratson)

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