Richard Jacobs has set himself and the Finding Genius foundation the mission to reduce the impact of anxiety and depression on the millions of people who suffer debilitating effects from these conditions.

As a member of the Finding Genius Foundation’s Board of Directors, I am excited to see what we can achieve together toward this end. I invite you to listen to this episode of Blind Insights, in which Richard talks to us about his life and mission.

Blind Insights – Reducing the Impact of Anxiety and Depression, with special guest Richard Jacobs nxiety-and

We are looking for examples of what has helped people to overcome anxiety and depression, so that we can fine tune the research programme for the Finding Genius Foundation’s CODEX For Anxiety and Depression. If you would like to share how you have reduced the impact of anxiety and depression on your life with us, then please leave a comment on any of the social media posts associated with this blog, or send me a message via the “touch base with me” feature on my website.

If you would like more information about the Finding Genius Foundation, or you would like to make a donation toward the development of the CODEX For Anxiety and Depression, then please click on the below link to the foundation.

Finding Genius Foundation

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