David Olney
23 May, 2022

I am pleased to share the new Articles page on my website with you. The Articles page is where I am going to put longer pieces of writing and combined versions of shorter pieces that belong together.


I hope you enjoy reading this new content, and I would be pleased to speak with you about any of the content, or to discuss how I can assist you.

Please use the below Contact Me form if you would like to get in touch.

Strategic Communication And The Podcast Industry

I wrote this paper in April 2021, for my Master of Media in Strategic Communication. It analyses the growing pains that are likely to impact the podcast industry over the next few years.

In particular, it outlines the role that Strategic Communication professionals should play to build credibility and authenticity in the podcast industry. Podcasting has enormous potential, but the path forward is not clear.

The Role Of Storytelling In Marketing

I wrote this paper in May 2022, for my Master of Media in Strategic Communication. The paper interprets and integrates a large amount of the literature concerned with storytelling in marketing.

If I am assisting you to present your ideas in the most engaging way possible, or helping you to tell your story in a tailored manner for a particular, predetermined audience, then this paper will provide you with foundations to understand where I am coming from and what I am trying to achieve.

The Principles Of Persuasion

This paper brings four of my blog posts on the principles of persuasion together in one place. They can be read separately, or in a different order, but read most clearly and cohesively in this order.

Effective communication depends on knowing who your audience is and knowing what interests them. This paper will provide you with insights into the key issues I consider when creating persuasive messages for my clients.

Jean Baudrillard And The Existence Of Meaning

A surprising number of people continue to ask me how I learned to think in the lateral and creative way that I do. I still don’t have a great answer for the question, but I can provide you with something to read that illustrates my intellectual development.

My Honours thesis won the Tinline Prize in the Discipline of Politics at the University of Adelaide in 1999. It is a dense piece of work that incorporates Existential philosophy and post-modern thought. It is not an easy read, but I am still proud of what I argued and how I wrote it.

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