I just received my final marks for the courses in the first semester of my Master of Media (Strategic Communication) and I received High Distinctions for both of them!

I am pleased to have done so well, but am even more pleased that I have learned, and been motivated to learn, skills and knowledge that are already proving to be rewarding for me, as well as being beneficial for my clients.

I don’t know if I will be able to maintain marks this high for the rest of my Master of Media, but I am looking forward to continuing to learn interesting and immediately useful things.

Please have a read of my related blog posts, so that you can get a deeper understanding of what I got out of my first semester.

What I have learned during my first semester as a Master of Media (Strategic Communication) student:

davidolney.com.au/what-i-have-learned-during-my-first-semester-as-a- master-of-media-strategic-communication-student/

How can we effectively choose what we need and what we want?

davidolney.com.au/how-can-we-effectively-choose-what-we-need-and-wha t-we-want/

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