I am proud to announce that, as of 22 July 2021, I am serving as a founding member of the Finding Genius Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Finding Genius Foundation:


The Finding Genius Foundation was established by Richard Jacobs, with the aim of helping to uncover true breakthrough insights in the science of health and wellness, so that we can make them accessible to everyday people who need them most. Insights need to be easy to understand, evaluate, and apply, so that people can exercise the greatest amount of agency in relation to their health. The Foundation’s current initiative involves creating and disseminating a CODEX For Anxiety and Depression.

I am looking forward to contributing to the Finding Genius Foundation as a founding member of its Board of Directors, and I encourage you to have a look at the Foundation’s website and to donate to support its vital work.

My path to becoming a member of the Board of Directors began in late 2020, when I received an invitation to be a guest on the Finding Genius podcast, hosted by Richard Jacobs. Since then I have recorded two more episodes with Rich, and I now regularly listen to the Finding Genius Podcast.

Finding Genius Podcast:


After being a guest on the podcast, Rich engaged me as a consultant to analyse business opportunities and risks, to teach him some problem solving techniques, and to find marginal gains across his various projects. I am pleased to call Rich my friend, happy to have been able to do interesting and useful consulting work for him, and proud that I am going to be able to work alongside him at the Finding Genius Foundation.

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