Tim and I ask: are you okay, and what do we all need to be okay?


Countless articles about the negative mental health implications of lockdowns have been written since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what they tend to have in common is an emphasis on the deleterious consequences of the isolation and uncertainty that so many people are experiencing right now, but very few of them seriously reflect on the fact that so many people’s mental health was in a fragile state even before the pandemic began.

It is almost like we don’t want to acknowledge that the combined consequences of fear since 9/11, chronic risk aversion, the conflict and negativity laden news cycle, and the superficial and unattainable idealisation of social media was chipping away at all of our mental health long before news reports of a deadly virus burst out of China.

A perfect mental health storm: fear, risk aversion, social media, and the COVID-19 pandemic

davidolney.com.au/a-perfect-mental-health-storm-fear-risk-aversion-s ocial-media-and-the-covid-19-pandemic/

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